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ELEC60008 Control Engineering

Lecturer(s): Prof Alessandro Astolfi


This module aims to introduce you to state-space methods for the analysis and design of control systems.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to: 1. Model dynamic system using differential and difference equations 2. Given a transfer function find state-space representation and vice versa, and quantify difference between the two representations 3. Access stability properties of dynamical systems and structural properties 4. Design feedback controller in a systematic way to modify behaviour of dynamical systems 5. Assess a prior what behaviour can and cannot be achieved in a dynamic system


Abstract dynamical systems;
Differential and difference equations;
State space models;
Lyapunov stability;
Structural properties (controllability and observability);
Kalman decomposition;
Pole placement via state feedback and dynamic output feedback;
Observer design.
Exam Duration: 3:00hrs
Exam contribution: 100%
Coursework contribution: 0%

Term: Autumn

Closed or Open Book (end of year exam): Open

Coursework Requirement:
         Laboratory Experiment
         Non-assessed problem sheets

Oral Exam Required (as final assessment): no

Prerequisite module(s): None required

Course Homepage: unavailable

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