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ELEC50014 Software Systems

Lecturer(s): Mr Sarim Baig; Prof Jeremy Pitt


This module aims to increase your existing software knowledge from 1st year and teaches you to apply it in more complex systems. Mechanisms used to manage complexity and structure projects are introduced, such as abstractions for representing data, moving data, and creating multi-node software systems.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Analyse a software system to identify potential security issues
2. Decompose a software system into loosely coupled components
3. Assign different physical and abstract components of networking to the OSI stack
4. Describe the principles and concepts involved in designing distributed systems and Internet applications
5. Describe the mapping of relational calculus to SQL
6. Use relational databases to answer complex data queries in SQL
7. Apply entity-relationship modelling and demonstrate translation to the relational model
8. Deliver multi-component networked software systems as part of a small team


Networking and messaging Concurrency Messages Client-server models The OSI stack System architecture Component Architectures User interfaces Human centred design Integration testing Data management Relational databases Data store design SQL/Queries Data structure selection Security and access control
Exam Duration: N/A
Exam contribution: 90%
Coursework contribution: 10%

Term: Autumn

Closed or Open Book (end of year exam): N/A

Coursework Requirement:
         Laboratory Experiment
         Non-assessed problem sheets

Oral Exam Required (as final assessment): no

Prerequisite module(s): None required

Course Homepage: unavailable

Book List: