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ELEC70012 Full-Custom Integrated Circuit Design

Lecturer(s): Dr Timothy Constandinou


CMOS Technology is currently the industry mainstream for the vast majority of all analogue, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Most modern day consumer electronics including microprocessors, mobile phones, digital cameras are all implemented using CMOS technology. This module aims to: Familiarise you with CMOS integrated circuit technology from the basic fundamentals to more advanced topics, and; Establish a good understanding to the design process for full custom chip design used for both analogue and digital microelectronics.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to: 1. Explain key features, limitations and topics related to CMOS technology 2. Describe full custom integrated circuit design methodology and issues/constraints related to analogue/digital/mixed signal circuit design. 3. Design and assess full custom integrated circuit layouts 4. Use a complete tool suite (schematic capture, simulation, layout design, physical verification) covering the full custom design of CMOS integrated circuits.


Part 1 Technology, Devices and Design Tools: Module Overview, CMOS Introduction & Trends; CMOS fabrication, devices and failure mechanisms; Layout design, circuit/netlist extraction, Cadence tools; MOS device theory, SPICE simulation. Part 2 Circuits: Digital inverter; Digital building blocks (static logic gates, flip-flops); Digital CMOS circuits (inverter, static logic, dynamic logic, data path circuits); Analogue circuits (single transistor amplifiers, mirrors, references, op-amps); Part 3 Systems and Applications: Data converters (basics, different topologies, ADCs/DACs); Image sensors (basics, pixel architectures, CMOS imagers).
Exam Duration: N/A
Coursework contribution: 100%

Term: Autumn

Closed or Open Book (end of year exam): N/A

Coursework Requirement:
         To be announced

Oral Exam Required (as final assessment): N/A

Prerequisite module(s): None required

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